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A Diamond in the Rough...

American hip-hop artist and songwriter, Hyder Official, made his recording debut in 2015. Upon graduating from high school in his native residence of El Paso, Texas, Hyder devoted 3 years at Full Sail University studying Recording Arts of Science. He then graduated Valedictorian of his bachelor’s class in 2011. Now living in his state’s capital (Austin, Tx) Hyder was named Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, as well as winning Album of The Year in 2016 for his project that he helped produce, record, write and mix entitled, "The Truman Show EP." Hyder looks to expands his talents within the music industry by not only mixing and producing his own music, but by directing and editing his own music video work as well. Well driven and determined to make it out of an already oversaturated market, Hyder's music is solely based on his real life experiences, and is documented through his art as his testimony. Life changing experiences force us to find out who we really are. Who are you really? Where truth has been hidden and kept us from our true nature, Hyder's main purpose with his melodic company, Rhymin Rhythm Entertainment, looks to give empowerment back to those voices that have been silenced through mental enslavement. One way to make a slave is to take its ability away to make a choice. As our words carrying and manifest our own individual realities, our thoughts are creative, and from birth, what we have been thinking is our thoughts is in fact the programming of another. Do you believe in miracles? Or in your own ability to manifest your own? Do you believe theres more to life, then what we're actually being told? Do you question why things happen, and where we could all eventually all end up? Circumstances don't "Matter," only state of being. The greatest teaching of those who follow Jesus Christ was not that you should have everlasting life, is that YOU do. Whatever religion or practices you follow, doesn't matter as long as it follows your heart in love. Love can be expressed in many different forms, and in your own universe it is expressed through creation; both physically and spiritually. However you choose to create is entirely up to you, but most likely focused around your own purpose in life that you are co-creating. In a world where almost everything around us has gone corporate, Hyder thrives to keep the culture going with what its main purpose was suppose to be "Peace, Love, Unity, and having fun".-KRS-ONE . Releasing his project "Strictly 4 The Soul," in 2021, which can be found on all streaming platforms, where Hyder gives a different perspective to who we really are by nature, and the power that each of us hold respectfully within our place in the universe. Just having released his most recent project "Spiritual Gangster, The Next Chapter", which won Album of the Year from Insanely Gifted Radio (2023), comes a hip-hop musical genie with hard hitting lyrical concepts backed by the universe. The first thing God did was create, don't just "earn" a living, "create" a life worth living, you have the power within you to do so! Enlighten yourself and reclaim your power back with God to rediscover who you truly are by nature. The goal of enlightenment is not to seek the light, but to become it, once again. Love and Light family. I AM. 

        -Rhymin Rhythm Entertainment, Create Authentically; Be You!


"Spiritual Gangster" Available Now Everywhere!

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