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" an independent hip hop artist with superb studio quality production is a much rarer entity than you’d think. Hyder, a young word-slinger from Texas, is just that.".  


American hip-hop artist and songwriter, Hyder Official, made his recording debut in 2015. Starting with  poetry, Hyder used the power of words and storytelling within his compositions to put together soul touching songs. Upon graduating from high school in his native residence of El Paso, Texas, Hyder devoted 3 years at Full Sail University studying Recording Arts of Science. He then graduated Valedictorian of his bachelor’s class in 2011. Hyder then used what he had learned to start his own distinctive melodic company, Rhymin Rhythm Entertainment. Now living in his state’s capital (Austin, Tx) Hyder was named Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, as well as winning Album of The Year in 2016 for his project that he helped produce, record, write and mix entitled, "The Truman Show EP." Hyder looks to expands his talents within the music industry by not only mixing and producing his own music, but by directing and editing his own music video work as well. Well driven and determined to make it out of an already over saturated market, Hyder looks to stand out from the crowd with his old school type of flow mixed with todays style bridging the gap very well.  In a world where almost everything that is around us has gone corporate, Hyder thrives to keep the culture going with what its main purpose was suppose to be "Peace, Love, Unity, and having fun".-KRS-ONE . Just having released his latest project "Strictly 4 The Soul," in 2021, which can be found on all streaming platforms, Hyder looks to continue the momentum coming into 2022 with his brand new project "Spiritual Gangster" this August. 

        -Rhymin Rhythm Entertainment, Create Authentically; Be You!

"I believe we create our own realities we choose to experience. Combining the power of your thoughts 

with your own unique voice, gives your words (RHYME) you speak the power to move energy in the direction 

that you so desire. The Law of Rhythm states that the energy in the universe is like a pendulum. Whenever something swings to the right, it must then swing to the left. ... Everything goes through cycles, yet everything has a rhythm or a pattern. So for me, love isn't just a word for romance, but the feeling you experience WITH God. Therefore, 

music is what I love to do, and I Rhyme In Rhythm, but also in life, Rhymin Rhythm, I CREATE myself authentically. "


"Strictly 4 The Soul" Available Now Everywhere!